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3D Animation Trailer

This short trailer was made for my 3D-animation minor at the FHGR in Chur.
The task was to make a short clip that could be used as an intro for a webseries of a youth-culture channel.
With series such as "Stranger Things" and other 80ies references being a big thing in youth-culture at the moment, I decided to go for an 80ies vibe with my video. That means bright neon colours, glow-sticks and fun happy synthesizer-music.

The video was made in Cinema 4D, where I mostly worked with animated deformers and physical effects to get the ball and the 3D text to behave the way they do in the final video.
As I was working on a laptop and deformers and specular surfaces like wet floors take a lot of time to render it took quite a while to have the video for further production. After rendering it I edited it within Adobe Premiere Pro to finish the final look that you can see now.

Tools used

Cinema 4D

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro