Ideation of a possible Market

The task of this project was to design our own type of market, pop-up-restaurant or sports-event that is lacking in the city of Chur, Switzerland.
My first idea was a medieval-market, but as Chur already has one of those I decided to get a little more specific and make it steampunk. So Vapour Bazaar was born.
We had to design a logo, each a digital and an analogue media and a third media of our choice.
For the Logo I tried many different versions. Of course I knew from the start, that I wanted a gear within it. At first I tried out a rather decorative, art-nouveauish style, but it wasn’t simple and striking enough. With time I started to work more simple and with reduced shapes so I got a simple and striking final Version.
I was quickly intrigued by the font called Steamwreck and I quickly chose to work with it. Yet I realized, that the serifs didn’t really work that well and were too Gothic for what I was looking for so I reduced them.

As an analogue communication device I wanted to design a poster. For a market-event I saw it as the most practical solution, as it doesn’t just get seen by people that are already intrigued and interested by the thematic of steampunk, but also for a passersby and other people that get intrigued by the poster or the event. It is especially effective for a local event.
The layout and design should be decorative and stunning, yet not too overloaded. One should see what it is about with one glance.

As a digital communication-item I wanted to do a website. For a market I saw it as the most logical solution, as people that are interested in the event can inform themselves about the event.
For the layout and design I tried, opposing to the logo, to strongly work with art nouveau elements. It should look absolutely symmetrical and decorative. To also work with my idea of a newspaper I made a seamless texture for the background of the page that looks like old parchment-paper. To achieve a more steampunkish kind of look I also tried to work with a decorative gear-pattern.

I thought long and hard about what I could use as a third communication-item for my steampunk-market that reaches interested people in a unorthodox way. In the end I had the idea of making laser cut cork-coasters.
The idea is connected to an important element of middleage- and fantasy fairs: Mead. Mead-producers don’t just put their product on the market, but also get their name better known in the community of mead-drinkers. This is why the producers can advertise for this event, where they will be able to have a mead-booth, with a free giveaway of these cork-coasters in their shop to interested customers.
Bars and other locations could also advertise the event with said goodie, to reach the local people. It is not just a funny gag, but also a practical item for the daily use and this way the event will stay in mind.

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Wacom Cintiq 13"