oRdeR 66

Keyvisual and Storyboard

The task of this school-project was to create a storyboard and a keyvisual. The story is set to be a new scene for the movie „Star Wars: Episode 3“. The scene should be towards the end of the movie, where Palpatine gives the Order 66 to the Clone-Troopers. The Troopers then turn against the Jedi they are working with and try to kill them.
The movie itself depicts a few scenes of differents Jedis destinies. So the task is to create a new destiny for a Jedi whilst the Clone-Troopers get the Order 66.
I decided to go for a female alienesque jedi-knight. She has two tonfa-lightsabers, a jellyfish-like head, goatlike pupils within her four yellow eyes, violet skin and weird two-toes-feet. With her kick-ass looks I decided that she needs a name so I called her Nhhur.

I made many sketches on paper and finalised Nhhur’s look digitally. I drew the key-visual and the storyboard in Adobe Photoshop as it is easier to make certain changes and effects as do layouting for the storyboard digitally.

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop

Wacom Cintiq 13"