tRAileR lAW-HistoRy

2D Animation Trailer for the Zürich University

This trailer was made for the Lehrstuhl für Rechtsgeschichte, Kirchenrecht, Rechtstheorie und Privatrecht at the Zürich University. They asked me to make a short trailer for them to show students who are in their Bachelor studies.
The collaboration with the uni was amazing. The ideation was done together and it was a very nice experience for me to work for such a highly regarded institution.
Even though there were many iterations of the trailer itself and what it is supposed to look and feel like in the end, it was a very satisfying project.

The pictures were drawn with Adobe Photoshop and later animated simplistically within Adobe After Effects. The cutting of the video was done within Adobe Premiere Pro and the sound I found either on or produced it myself with the help of Audacity and Reaper.

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro