2D Animated Gifs

The task of this 4th semester project was to draw different animation exercises. I had to create a character with the intention to make four .gifs to deepen my knowledge how to animate frame by frame.
I made a character called Kokoschka. She is a fun little hen that has the ambition to once become a great boxing prodigy. I decided to go for a circular character as these are easier to animate. As you can see in my drawing, this is because they have the same shape from any direction you are looking at it.
Kokoschka was supposed to make different things in all of the four .gifs. I decided to make a walk-cycle, a push-up and a box-training one and in the end there will be an audience-knockout.

Frame by frame I drew and animated little Kokoschka with the help of an animation programme called Sketchbook. I used my Wacom Cintiq 13” to first animate sketches of the hen and later make a clean lineart for the animations.

Tools used


Adobe Photoshop