in tHe dARk

Audiobook of a shortstory - German only

“In der Dunkelheit” is a short audiobook that I made in the 3rd Semester of my Multimedia Production studies.
It is based on a story that I wrote back in 2013 for the application to the Animation Major at the HSLU in Lucerne. Here I dare say, that I got accepted to that Major, but decided to go study Game Design at the ZHdK in Zürich. Back then the story's title was “Blind vor Angst” - blinded by fear - but I felt it too obviously of a statement as a further working title.
I edited the story to work as a monologue.

I narrated the story myself and recorded it with a Zoom H4 and a dynamic Shure sm57 microphone. As it was my first time narrating it took me a while to get it right. Luckily I have been filming and recording audio for other projects already and knew that certain aspects as voice-frequency are very important and must be treated with caution.
Further I edited the voice recordings with Audacity and Reaper. Beforehand I marked down several places where I wanted foley or background noises. I either recorded and edited those myself or found perfectly fitting examples on

Tools used



Zoom H4 & Shure dynamic SM57